Downlinebuilder - Advertising through sending solicited emails

Click on the banner and get registered. After the registration, click below http:. Delete current code and enter your code to the active field and click "Edit". Continue the same way with the following banners until you get to the last one. Editing needs to be done only in English.

As you register to individual programs and enter your codes, you will have on your site edited banners to your codes in all the sections and languages and whoever will register through your banners will widen your network. If you fail to do this, the codes will remain the way those in your upline have edited them and therefore you’ll be losing simple tool for building your network.


- If you do not register to some of the programs,
do not change the codes!

- Do not enter non existing codes, it will result in system failure, you’ll be excluded from LottoWins and your account will be deleted!
- In case you already have registration in any of these programs, enter your code.

banner No. 18

banner No. 40

banner No. 41

banner No. 42

Feel Good, LottoWinsCom team

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