Is probably the most widespread Bitcoin wallet.

Click on the banner

and then:

1 - if you want a new account
2 – if you want to log in to your account
3 - if you want more information

For a new account click on 1. "Start A New Wallet"

Fill in your e-mail, enter the password (must contain at least 10 characters) and confirm the password. Write your password down and store it safely. Click on "Continue"

After submitting the form, following dialog with a long phrase of random characters will be displayed. This is used for password recovery. If you forget your password and you will neither know that phrase, your Bitcoin will be lost forever. Therefore print that phrase and save it somewhere.

After the registration sign up form with two fields will appear. One is the password that you chose in previous step, and one is called "Identifier". This is not a Bitcoin address. It's your ID, which is used to log in to, write it down too. Enter your password and click "Open Wallet"

Your account will be opened

1. is your bitcoin address - enter it to the programs from which you will be recieving Bitcoin
2. your transactions - here you can check where are the money coming from
3. here you send money
4. here you can generate more bitcoin addresses


Now you can start using your account.

Blockchain advantages are that it is absolutely anonymous and that you do not pay fees to the miners, it is paid by sender.

Disadvantage is that it doesn't have an affiliate program and the account is in Bitcoin so you can pay from it only in Bitcoin. If you need some other currency (USD, EUR ...), you have to transfer it to another wallet paying quite high fees for it.
Feel Good, LottoWinsCom team

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