Terms and conditions

LottoWins does not operate any lottery or gambling game.

- The subject of LottoWins activity is network marketing

The contractual relationship between affiliate partner and LottoWins (LW) is governed by the following paragraph.

Affiliate partner is a member of LottoWins network marketing.

Website with personal identification code and opt-in form is created for each affiliate partner immediately after the registration. Affiliate partner will use this website for signing in others thus building his network. The affiliate partner user account will be credited with 2.00 AUD for each active member registered in his network up to the sixth layer. Active member is every affiliate partner whose user account outstanding balance is not less than 30 AUD in a particular month.

Earnings may be transferred upon request to the affiliate partner’s PayPal account from which his payment was made. If the affiliate partner wants to receive his earnings to any other account he has to provide sufficient proof of identity.

Affiliate partner during registration confirms that he read these terms and conditions, he understood them and he agree with them, he also confirms that his age is minimum 18 years (or 21 years if required by law of particular country) and he gives permission to LottoWins to process his personal data (with accordance of privacy policy).

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